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Ironman Florida


16 weeks of Ironman specific Training via Coach Troy Jacobson, on top of many races and months of base training before that. The training was done, I felt I did the necessary work and was going into the race feeling in my best shape ever. My goal for this race was to beat my 2011 Florida time of 11:07, second goal was sub 11:00, and then if things were going my way I thought I could do 10:45. My race plan was 1:10 swim, 5:15 Bike and 4:00 Marathon. I was part of the Ironman Executive Challenge; one Kona spot was up for grabs in my age group. There were two other guys that I knew were faster than me, so my goal was just to do my race plan and don’t worry about Kona. Also doing the race was my wife Katie Parr, her second Ironman, she was ready and in great shape as well. Katie had trained hard and was looking to go sub 12:00. Then there was my co-worker Mike Rose, doing his first Ironman.

We arrived Wednesday evening. Thursday morning Katie and I go for a practice swim in the ocean, it was very rough, about 30 minutes, feels ok, we then hit a 30 minute run. Back to the condo, I go down to have “Breakfast with the Pros” as part of the Executive Challenge Group. Jessica Jacobs, 2x Florida Ironman Champ, Max Longree Ironman Louisville Champion and Meredith Kessler 3x Ironman Winner. After that, Katie and I spent the rest of the day trying to relax, did a little shopping at the expo. That night was the Athlete Banquet; they brought up on stage a gal from Oakland, California who had lost 140 pounds. She saw Ironman World Championships on TV, she was 280 pounds, eating Doritos with cheese sauce, told herself enough and signed up for an Ironman and lost 140 pounds in the process. Then another guy named Darrel, who on a dare was doing both his first Ironman as well as his first Triathlon EVER! There is motivation all over the place!

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